The following is general safety advice for preventing fires inside your home. Consider your household’s additional needs.


Never use a gas bottle heater inside.

Install, maintain and operate according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Get a licensed gas fitter to test any gas heaters.

Keep at least 1 metre of clear space around the heater.

Turn off before going to bed or leaving the house.

Supervise children near heating equipment.

Open fireplace

Always use a fire screen in front of an open fire.

Put out fires before going to bed or leaving the house.

Keep at least 1 metre clear space around the fire place.

Chimneys and flues

Clean yearly.

Check for cracks, rust and debris.


Never leave a lit candle unattended.

Keep away from curtains.

Always use on non-combustible, hard surfaces.

Keep away from children and pets.


Never leave cooking unattended.

Keep combustibles such as tea towels and curtains away from cooking and heat sources.

Keep pot handles turned in

Keep grills, fans and cooking surfaces free of grease and residue.


Clean the lint filter on your clothes dryer after each use.

Let the dryer complete its cool down process before stopping.


Never smoke in bed.

Never leave electronic devices such as mobile phones or laptops on the bed.

Electric blankets

Never turn on more than 30 minutes before bed.

Turn off before you get into bed.

Remove any heavy items from the bed as these can damage the wiring.

Keep the electric blanket flat with controls at the side of the bed.

Check for broken or worn wiring.


Never use gas bottle or solid fuel barbecues inside.

Always test before use by spraying water mixed with soap on the hose and connection points. If the water bubbles there is a leak.

Check the barbecue gas bottles to ensure the last test date is still current.

Electrical items

Never overload power boards.

Never plug a power board into a power board.

Keep all electrical appliances and equipment in good working order.

Replace damaged equipment, e.g. power cords.

Use one power board per power point.

Fire extinguishers and blankets Icon

Fire extinguishers and blankets

Fire extinguishers and fire blankets should only be used by people that have been trained in their use, feel confident and competent in using them and who are able to respond safely in the event of a fire. Incorrect use of fire extinguishers and fire blankets may cause a fire to spread or significant personal injury.

If you are an older person or a person with a disability, instead use this time to evacuate the building immediately and call 000 for the fire brigade.

Prevent fires inside your home