Get prepared for any emergency

  • Download the VicEmergency App on your smart phone and electronic devices.
  • Save important contact numbers into your phone such as family and friends and the VicEmergency Hotline 1800 226 226.
  • Make sure your house number is clearly visible and your driveway is accessible for emergency service vehicles. They need at least a 4 metre wide driveway with at least a 4 metre height clearance.
  • Write an emergency plan – see the next page for a template.
  • If you have animals, make sure they are part of your emergency plan and consider where you will relocate them to.
  • Practice your emergency plan with the whole family, pets included.
  • Make copies of important documents such as passports, insurance papers and medical scripts. Save these electronically and ensure you back them up.
  • Get insurance and review what it covers. Consider household, business and income protection insurance.
  • Pack an emergency kit and keep it somewhere easily accessible.
  • Build connections in your local community. Talk to your neighbours about your emergency plans and see if there are ways you can assist each other. Look for local volunteering opportunities or other community groups you can get involved in.
  • Practice packing your car so you know how long it will take you in an actual emergency.

Get to know your neighbours

Getting to know your neighbours is an important part of preparing for emergencies. People who know each other in their community are more likely to turn to each other for help, and support each other to better cope with emergencies when they strike.

Neighbours can help each other in many ways. Neighbours can include people in your street or community.

Make time to get to know your neighbours now and talk about your emergency plans together. See if there ways you can help each other.

Look out for those in your community who may need extra help – people living alone, older people and those with a disability or medical condition. They may need extra support in an emergency which you may be able to provide.